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Class Pricing Drop in / $10 Using class card / $8 Prepaid class card / $80 (10 classes) Private class $55 Private restorative $55  
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900a Hatha Hope Aubin 600p Hatha Carie McAullife




Deb Arnold

430p Hatha Steve Coburn 600p Hatha Jeff Gosian 600p Hatha Dee Bergman 730p Hatha Restorative Pam McGoodwin 73op Yin Yoga Zoe Kelliher Tuesday 1000a Hatha Zoe Kelliher 1030a Gentle Hatha Sylvia Thornton 430p Hatha Leeanne Porta 600p Gentle Hatha Judy Prisco 730p Hatha Diane Lagadec 730p Hatha Lisa DeBrase Wednesday 1000a Hatha Diane Lagadec 1030a Tai Chi Eddie Roselli 600p Maha with Muscle Lisa DeBrase   730p Hatha Jerry Lagadec Thursday 1000a Hatha Lisa DeBrase 1030p Gentle Hatha Sylvia Thornton 600p Gentle Hatha Alice Oliveira 600p Ashtanga Mysore Diane Lagadec/Steve Coburn 730p Hatha Diane Lagadec Friday 1000a Hatha Deb Arnold 1030a Gentle Hatha Judy Prisco 430p Hatha Claudia Duarte 600p Hatha Kendra Tansy 600p Tai Chi Eddie Roselli Saturday 700a Hatha Barbara Bancroft 700a Ashtanga Mysore Dee/Debby 900a Hatha Diane Lagadec 930a Hatha Jerry Lagadec  

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