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900a Hatha Hope Aubin 600p Hatha Debby Anderson-Arena





Deb Arnold

430p                 Gentle Hatha Alice Oliveira 600p Hatha Max Taylor 600p Hatha Debbie Anderson Arena 730p Gentle Hatha/Restorative        Pam McGoodwin 730p Hatha Sky Wild Tuesday 1000a Hatha Zoe Kelliher 1030a Gentle Hatha Sylvia Thornton 430p Hatha Michelle Maguire 600p Gentle Hatha Judy Prisco 730p Hatha Diane Lagadec   Wednesday 1000a Hatha Diane Lagadec 1030a Tai Chi * Eddie Roselli 600p Hatha Lisa DeBrase   730p Hatha Jerry Lagadec Thursday 1000a Hatha Lisa DeBrase 1030a Gentle Hatha Sylvia Thornton 430p Hatha Kendra Tansey 600p Hatha  Pia Ruokis 600p Yin Yoga Zoe Kelliher   730p Hatha Diane Lagadec Friday 1000a Hatha Deb Arnold 1030a Gentle Hatha Judy Prisco 500p Community Yoga (Begins in March) 600p Hatha Kendra Tansey    Saturday 700a Ashtanga Yoga Series Steve/Diane (see class description below) 700a Hatha Barbara Bancroft 900a Hatha Diane Lagadec 930a Hatha Jerry Lagadec Which class is right for me? Ashtanga Yoga - A powerful flow of postures and breath taught in the tradition of Sri Pattabois Jois. You must attend a "Fundamentals of Ashtanga Series" as a pre-requisite. On Saturday mornings the first and last class of the month will be led, the others self guided (Mysore).. Gentle Hatha Yoga-A modified routine appropriate for beginners, pre-natal, or for anyone who wants an easy and relaxing class. Hatha Yoga-Appropriate for all ages and all levels. Hatha yoga is a total health system that works toward the balance of body, mind, and spirit. Each class will include postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), and relaxation techniques. Hatha Restorative Yoga-A traditional Hatha Yoga class with the addition of Restorative poses.   Yin Yoga-Yin Yoga provides a balance to our active (yang oriented) lives. Poses are held longer, getting a deeper stretch in the ligaments and tendons, thereby increasing flexibility and movement in the joints; it encourages a quiet, meditative state. Community Yoga - A low cost ($5) Hatha Yoga class taught by a selection of our teachers.                                 
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